heretic thought

I am an atheist. And i will bet on one thing: if there really is a god watching us: well then there is a big chance he is laughing his arse off most of the time.
Many things are done and thaught in his name. Where he chooses silence, his interpreters choose to inflate the silence until it says what they want it to say. I am not saying the concept of god is a bad one. I am saying it is a tool, a tool for manipulation. It serves a purpose, it rassembles people, it is: collectivity.

Our real freedom consists in the simple fact that we may choose to believe what we want to. Ultimately you define your own rules, noone can see in your head can they in all cases not if you believe in freedom.
Fate is a very elaborated concept to say: i guess there are things i could have done differently, but i choose not to put the blame on myself. Which is a valid argument, there is no point to destroy yourself for the past, the future lies ahead; although one must not make the mistake and confound “fate” with “fear to act”. The comparison with the chess board is an interesting one, it does provides us with the dilemma of two meanings that are not really clashing but which constrain the outcome oft the game to a conclusion that seems to be unavoidable.

However as i tried to point out earlier this involves the faith in three conceptions, fate, god and freedom.
I say this: i believe in freedom, and believing in freedom makes me wonder about the other two. Freedom does make god obsolete indead, who needs spiritual guidance the moment he is a free man to choose ? I claim that god is living in the heads of many people, and it is a good thing too, but it should not lead them to wonder about their own freedom, for it is the only thing we have left and it is the only thing we ever had.

This is more than certainly a very controversal statement, i would like to add that it represents my current philosophy and state of mind, it is not in any way objectif; but it does represent a different point of view than the one posted below and is meant to be complementary. I do hope that i offended noone.

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  1. thank you :) i will pass part of the praise upon thierry’s head who is a constant source of inspiration and without whose ideas i would never be able to articulate what i think.
    congratz for reading this far, i am impressed :)

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