There are hundreds of thousands of weblogs out there. The blogosphere is currently seeing an evolution that nobody could have foreseen. People all over the word post their whole life to the internet. The weblog, a public diary. Why? Is a diary not something that’s meant to keep all your secrets safe? Something that should not be read by anybody?

We live in an exhibitionist society. We all think our life was special and exceptionally interesting. Stars publish books about their life, and people read them. Why? Are these lifes really so interesting? Do we believe it’s all facts what we are told in such “autobiographies”? A word which doesn’t really fit, as in most cases a ghost writer writes the book – in other words, the story is told by a third person and not directly by the star.

We read these books and personal blogs to get a glimpse at what’s behind all these closed doors. Even more than this is an exhibitionist society, the people are extremely curious, yes even nosey. Furthermore, we love to compare our life to that of others and feel superior to them. In the case that we envy them, we still keep on reading their blogs – something bad might happen to them. (I know my disgust in humanity might seem a bit sick, but go outside and watch how people behave, listen to discussions of people who sit next to you on the bus, it is scaring how stupid most of their topics are. Well, and here it is: I like to feel superior to other people you might say now, but hey, I’m still an anarchist, so, in fact, I don’t. I wish all the people would think a bit more about this world and not be as superficial as they are.)

We write personal weblogs to show off. What we experience seems unique to us, but think about love for example: it seems special, yet it’s one of the most universal things ever. Some weblogs are read because the author is so good at describing what he experiences that we have the impression the author expressed the reader’s wishes and fears.

But, unfortunately, most of the weblogs out there are crap. They are simply so bad you get a headache and ask yourself why the hell that person writes all that boring stuff already in the middle of reading the first entry. There are also those blogs where the authors take themselves so serious and are so megalomaniac that they think every single one of their cogitations was the most ingenious thought ever expressed by a human being.

So do weblogs have a factual raison d’être? Do they make the world better? Are they interesting to read? Most of them are not and will never be. Ever. But the technology behind all this opens an all new way to use the internet: Watchblogs are emerging, the media got a new publishing method. Perhaps, in this case, the misuse came before the right using. There is a lot of potential in blogging as is shown by blogs such as BILDblog or the blogosphere in Iran and in Lybia which, as you may know, has become a burning political issue that even brought Human Rights Watch onto the scene.

It seems as if the weblogs are slowly getting a dispassionate right to exist, but thousands of exhibitionist and megalomaniac blogs first have to disappear. Banning them from the web would be censorship, so I can only hope the people lose interest in reading weblogs that talk about how the author forgot to feed his cat yesterday.

Maybe the blogosphere will get more interesting. The tendency at least is going into the right direction.

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