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Since Steve Jobs finally presented the iPod Video and put an end to months of rumors, I’ve been reading tons of articles about how to use your iPod for the less, well let’s say, proper application. Now before anyone accuses me of surfing to pr0n websites, I found these articles on such respectable sites as Wired and the legendary Cult of Mac weblog, where the author posted a link to a website where they eyplain you how to convert all of your pr0n movies for use on your iPod.

Of course, Guba can also be used to search for TV shows, music videos and alike, but as they state on Wired: “Although Guba offers up a wide variety of video, from the satirical news program The Daily Show to Japanese animation, its “erotica” section is likely to be the biggest draw.”

I’m not really thinking of the moral here, I don’t see any sense in holding a speech against pr0n, it has been, well not socially accepted, but it has become very popular. What I’m asking myself is the simple question: who wants to watch such movies on their iPod? I can’t imagine anyone sitting in a bus watching a povPod or a Suicide Girl.

And, what I’m asking myself even more is: why the hell does Wired advertise such websites? They’re one of the best magazines / e-zines and they don’t have anything else to talk about than pr0n? Where are the times they described the making of Sin City, when they talked about the formulas in the tv show Numb3rs being all mathematically correct? I mean, it’s not as if they spoke about the pr0n on your iPod phenomenon once, but they kept the subject up. I don’t want to get an update on the latest pr0n movies for the iPod when I head over to Wired.com, I want serious news such as this or this one.

Luckily, there hasn’t been any news on pr0n for some time now on Wired and they got to a lot more interesting and serious news. So it seems everything’s slowly getting back to normal, at least on the English web, because the German website spiegel.de now decided to report about it, too.

Well, where do the people have all the adresses for pr0n movies from? Google? Or news sites that decide that a naked girl is worth an article of the same length than a report on the people dying in Jordan for example, as this happened just now? But, of course, we all know that dead people are far less interesting and… that they bring no money.

Hey, anyone asked Steve Jobs what he thinks of this?

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  1. Maybe wired.com mentions it because pr0n is (like it or not), a major part of geek culture… So it actually is their duty to write an article about it! And by the way, iPod + pr0n = what makes a geeks life interesting :)

  2. Yes, I’m well aware that it’s a part of geek culture, but they didn’t simply mention it, they wrote more than just one article about it.

    I still don’t like the idea of wired writing about pr0n. It simply doesn’t fit into my view of Wired. :-) But that’s just my personal opinion.

  3. 1. Sex sells!
    2. Even Time magazine mentions this phenomenon
    “[..] and the entire television industry […] is going to have to reorient itself. And maybe a few other industires besides (cough! porn! cough!)”, Time, p42, NOVEMBER 14, 2005 :)

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