There are a couple of things on my mind which I herded with the afterthought of blogging them. But I must admit that i am at a loss, how can I speak of the futility of blogs the very same moment I am writing on a post for one ? How can i accuse a lust for public attention when ultimately I am writing this not for me but for the world at large ?
It is my very opinion that blogs are in most cases not of any functionality whatsoever, they are, and that seems already to cover it. They get filled with text, which sometimes is read sometimes may be not, there is no real discussion possible on a blog, the author has the power, comments already will not appear on the front page. Posts will fill up like in a bad Tetris-clone, bad because there is no end to it, there is no level above which there is game-over.
Yet everybody seems quite content with this, I have to admit me too i enjoy the blogs (this one here quite a lot for example, though there seems to be a problem right now: i cannot post comments, can you ? There seems to be a problem with the database, yet Thierrys posts keep coming, because he hasn’t noticed … see what i mean about blogs not being a platform for communication ?) but I fail to understand their real function, are they no more than a place to fill when there is nothing else to do, are they no more than a show-off for extroverted persons ? And why do I keep coming back, yes even writing myself. Because I am letting off some steam ? Could be. To shock a little ? Yes for sure; I will try to explain something for you: take a look at this blog, have you watched from the very beginning ? Can you also see the evolution of it ? Can you see how comments appear along with less lyrical, less personal posts ? For my part i come here because of the posts that Thierry fills under “thoughts” yet they have become less frequent, and they are not commented, which is not a bad thing since everyone will see something different in them, and for discussions email or chats with the author are far better than the comment-function. So what I keep asking myself is why the hell do we need blogs ? Thierry could also publish his text in bookform or on a wepage like his .. all he would lose are posts and comments about films or recent events…. which in my opinion are better of in a forum where discussion can take place in better conditions.
There is something very frightening about blogs, people keep telling their lives at everyone who might want to listen to it, but for what purpose ? In a feeling of (fake) anonymity they are committing themselves to a sort of diary… with one big difference, a diary is kept private. I sometimes feel ashamed when reading those blogs, ashamed for spying on other peoples lives.. something I would not do, except that here noone knows and personally I think that just about noone cares that I do, so I do it satisfying some kind of obscure curiosity.
The proximity which mankind evolved to escape is getting back at us.
Well it is not as bad as that, but it is a matter I consider as serious. There is something else that remains to be said: I will not post here often and I will only post under “thoughts” since it is the only section that I personally find fitting for a blog (yes i am also fishing for public attention here).
Feel free to comment (as soon as the comments system is up again :P) and to disagree with my statement, since this is only my opinion I might be dead wrong (I probably am too).

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  1. First of all, there are blogs out there that serve a purpose. Political blogs like the ones in Iran for example that are used to act as opponents against a tyrannical government. Or watchblogs, like bildblog.de for example, which tries to correct al of the articles full of propaganda and mistakes of Bild.

    A blog is not meant as a communication platform, it serves our exhibitionist / voyeurist nature. We like to expose our great lifes that are so much more interesting than that of others, and we like to read about others, simply because we like to feel superior as those bloggers’ lifes will always appear less worthy than our own. And if the blogger’s life is more interesting, we keep on reading just in hope that one day something bad might happen to him. I’m generalizing here of course.

    You ask whether a blog is only something to fill up if there is nothing else to do, well I can’t speak for others, but for what concerns me, it’s not. I love to write, I write all the time, so why not publish some of my writings? I’m living online, I got three websites as you know, so why not a blog, too?

    Yes, with less lyrical posts appear more comments, but I don’t care really. I don’t expect people to write a comment about a poem, it’s not so evident reacting to a poem. There’s always the question of whether you’re not insulting the author if you say something like ‘oh great poem about death’ when it’s about something else. It’s as if you were in school, who volunteers for an exercise? ;)

    Of course I could publish them on the main website, BUT sadautumn.com has had about 300 unique hits, while this blog’s had over 2000 unique hits although it’s not even online as long as the main site. I’m simply using the best method to reach out to as many people as possible. The RSS feeds might also be an argument, you don’t have to think about checking back every day, you’ll automatically be informed as soon as there is a new post. There used to be a time when people subscribed to newsletters, RSS is quite the same, except you control them, as with a single click you can unsubscribe at any time.

    I’d perhaps lose the opportunity to write about films and music, but – don’t hurt me now :) – I am writing this blog also to write a bit about myself. With most posts I have the ulterior motive of presenting myself. I’m by far no extrovert person who writes about his personal experiences which he thinks are the most interesting and unique on the planet, but I try to put a personal note into my posts – after all, I’m publicizing my opinion and thoughts here.

    I love to blog. I love reading blogs. This said, thanks for your compliment on this blog. :-)

    If you like, you can read my post on blogs:

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