January 2006

Turning and tossing

I got drunk tonight, tried to drown my pain,
Sleep was to be my drug, but I drank in vain.
I closed my eyes for an hour, the last bottle in my hand,
But woke up now, unable to cut this band.

I saw you in my dreams, screening sand,
My little angel, so innocent and pure,
Unaware of the distress you were to endure.

I have a hangover, yet I am completely numb.
Amenable to charge, I was dumb.
Nemesis spoke a severe sentence, but I should accept.
I feel guilty, because you are dead.


Last year was the year of the podcast, as the word was declared word of the year. Apart from English and German podcasts however, most nations seem not so enthusiastic about this newest method of using the web. I’ve been searching for an Italian podcast the last hour on the web and on iTunes, and found nothing – well, no podcast that would deliver at least a bit of interesting information in a professional quality. Same thing for French, although I have to admit I haven’t checked out the French podcasting scene that much yet.

So here’s my question: what podcasts do you listen to? And does anyone know of a good Italian podcast? Tell me what you’re listening to in the comments.

(To all those of you who are asking themselves now what the deuce does he want with Italian podcasts: I thought it would be a good way of keeping up at least a bit of the language I had to learn during the last four years.)

These are the podcasts I’m currently listening to / watching:
macTV Videocast
Schlaflos in München
Pimp my brain
Superman Returns – Bryan’s Journals