February 2008

I love you maybe not

Fingertips are dancing over clouds and raindrops swimming in the lake,
the wind is gently caressing your cheek and sunrays are singing a song,
a squirrel is hiding beneath the rainbow and trees are reaching for those lilies –
I only sit on the train, drive the world apart and together.
Never now and always I hold my breath and wonder if I’ll ever manage
(I’m a painter without colours, a musician with amnesia,
a voiceless singer, a runner in a wheelchair).
Thousands of images of you and all I get out are clichés not worth the paper:
some days it makes me wonder if I love you at all but
I always think of painting pictures and composing songs when I am.

I don’t watch Lost, but…

this is so cool and definitely – finally! – a step in the right direction. Hopefully they will expand it onto more series and other European tv channels.

Oh, and it doesn’t look as if the strike were over…

I ask you to set aside all the rumors, all the second-guessing, I ask you to set these aside and pick up a picket sign instead. I cannot stress how vital it is for all of us to show our commitment to our leadership during this current round of negotiations.

Zitater (8)

It tastes like an illness! // Is there vinegar on the fries? Yeah? I hate vinegar. Can I have some? // Niels was so ooooooh. I could tell you stories about my time in the army… // Do you think we’d get a student discount at the brothel? // I’ve learned only two things during my first days in Cardiff. The most important one was where to find the brothel. // We Germans have feelings too! // Canadians aren’t bitter. We hate Bush. But we aren’t bitter. // Saying “you’re far away from home” is like saying “I wish you’d stayed there.” // Fish&Chips is basically just grease. // Even the salad in Britain is unhealthy. // We wish you a merry party, we wish you a merry party, we wish you a merry party and a happy hangover. // How do you flirt with girls? Do you just send them a dark poem? // We thought if you put ‘if you know what I mean,’ at the end of every sentence, everything would be an innuendo. Like ‘I arrived early, if you know what I mean’. // ‘You know you want it’? Is that how you sell drugs to innocent kids in Vancouver?