In the early days, this blog was a joint project by Serge Lentz and Thierry Heles, but then Serge left to let his creativity flow on setuch.com (defunct as of September 2014). Thierry — who usually lacks the sense of grandeur to talk about himself in the third person, but can’t quite figure out how to wake up from this syntactical nightmare — drinks and eats his way through life on Earth since the year that the Mir space station was launched. In 2006, he moved to the land of bards, where he found love and a home. He has a BA in English Studies and an MA in Publishing & the Creative Economy.

Even though Thierry is a creative genius, he owes the name Sad Autumn to his dear friend Anne-Sophie, who inspired him to choose this title.

As for his creative credentials, he was the founder of Luxembourg’s first and still only young writer’s collective les jeunes mélancoliques, the manifesto of which can still be found here. The collective enjoyed several years of success, with readings at venues such as D:qliq and Exit07 in Luxembourg-City, and the literary festival in Vianden. The collective has since shut down, but its former members remain close friends and in various groupings are still working together – watch this space.

He was editor of the University of Glamorgan Creative Writing Anthology 2009 and in 2010, he co-authored the audiobook Write Out Loud, released by the wonderful people at Op der Lay. From 2012 to 2014 he co-hosted a podcast series on Shakespeare’s sonnets, released by In Ear Entertainment.